A recognized leader
in community relations in Los Angeles.

Greer/Dailey brings clients core capabilities in stakeholder outreach and coalition building, government affairs, integrated communications, strategic media relations and project entitlements – plus strong relationships with communities, decision-makers and local stakeholders throughout Southern California.

In addition, Greer/Dailey’s long-standing ties with an impressive group of associates and affiliated consultants bring clients expertise in a variety of areas, including public policy, energy, and litigation support, to name just a few of many disciplines.

Greer/Dailey’s approach to each challenge is both strategic and flexible, putting the right combination of skills and tools together to achieve results. And at Greer/Dailey clients, our most important asset, get the full attention of the firm’s principals.

Our Areas of Expertise

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Community Relations

Community Relations

Many communities resemble one another, but every community is special in its own way.

Regardless of its location, each community has tradition and history, unique concerns, and often, fierce pride in its institutions and amenities. Greer/Dailey approaches each community with an open mind and an ability to listen and learn. Whether it's in Los Angeles, or the many distinct communities throughout the Southern California region, the firm quickly assesses the landscape and identifies who and what will be important.

Greer/Dailey is acutely aware that every community is comprised of a variety of constituencies with disparate concerns and agendas, and many are increasingly sophisticated and influential.

Armed with its unique experience and knowledge, Greer/Dailey helps businesses and public agencies gain a broad understanding of the communities in which they operate, to communicate effectively with a variety of audiences and, most important, to build consensus.

Greer/Dailey is skilled at identifying key community players, establishing relationships, and determining critical issues. Strategies are developed only after understanding the character of the community. Messages are crafted specifically to speak to key audiences by the most effective means possible, and stakeholder engagement is achieved via an array of traditional and technology-based tools.

The result is a successful community relations program, reflecting the dynamics of the community and the priorities of our clients.

Integrated Communications

Integrated Communications

Effective communication allows you to tell your story on your terms.

Your story has to be told before it’s defined by someone else - and in today’s multimedia environment, your story is evolving in real time on traditional news channels, web sites, blogs, and via social networking sites. You can’t control your message unless you are leading the discussion on each platform.

The Greer/Dailey team approaches each client challenge with that in mind – and knows that a multi-media communications plan plays a pivotal role, either to manage the message, or to address a controversy.

Greer/Dailey, begins its communications analysis by identifying key players and critical issues, then strategies and tactics are designed to fit the areas of concern and the character of each community or issue. Targeted messages are crafted, which become the foundation for written and visual material, as well as direct mail, social media and other forms of digital communication.

And should the project come under the scrutiny of an increasingly diverse and skeptical media, whether it’s print, broadcast or online, Greer/Dailey is prepared to help, applying skills developed over decades, as well as new and emerging technology-driven tools.

Government Affairs

Government Affairs

All politics is local, and you have to understand the community to understand the politics.

The Greer/Dailey team, based on decades of working in and around government and politics in Southern California, has the experience and the personal relationships necessary to help clients manage issues requiring approvals from City Councils, County Boards of Supervisors, regional or State agencies, or special districts.

Successful advocacy, whether seeking project approvals or efforts securing government and other public sector contracts, requires a strategy that can only be developed by experienced consultants who know the ins and outs of complex – and often inconsistent – government bodies and bureaucracies.

Additionally, Greer/Dailey's knowledge of government needs and resources permits us to craft effective responses to public agency requests for proposals.

Greer/Dailey gathers intelligence, creates winning strategies and provides effective representation before government officials at every level. We build support, mobilize that support, and leverage it within the political process.

Strategic Media Relations

Strategic Media Relations

The media is the message, but only when it is managed strategically.

The Greer/Dailey team analyzes media challenges to craft an approach designed specifically to address client needs. Whether the goal is to maximize or minimize coverage, or simply to inform, a strategic plan is created to integrate messages and state-of-the-art communications tools to produce results. The complex media universe permits us to identify and target audience segments, tailor both messages and delivery, and communicate directly with those most likely to respond.

If and when a crisis emerges, Greer/Dailey provides media training and a crisis management plan to quickly and effectively address issues.

Successful media management is a carefully orchestrated program that integrates traditional and emerging technologies, thoughtful analysis of receptive audiences, and messages crafted to engage and educate. Greer/Dailey’s skills and experience in deploying effective communications programs provide the basis for achieving clients’ goals.

Greer/Dailey creates and manages strategic media relations programs by integrating traditional approaches with state-of-the-art technological tools to produce the most effective plan for each media challenge.

Issues Management

Issues Management

Because public issues are unpredictable, preparation is essential.

In today's complex and ever-changing regulatory environment, the Greer/Dailey team knows that just 'keeping up' doesn't always work. You have to be ahead of the curve. Environmental regulations, land use and zoning issues, safety requirements, and other issues come up at a moment's notice, often when you need more resources to address them.

Greer/Dailey develops detailed, strategic plans and strong internal and external communications blueprints that enable you to preserve your reputation and your bottom line. Because it's not a matter of if a government agency tries to weigh in on how you run your business, it's when.

Our strong ties to elected officials and government agencies help ensure that you get timely information and responses to critical questions when every single detail counts. Greer/Dailey also works to engage community stakeholders and other potential allies so you have a solid foundation of support when you need it most.

When your reputation is on the line, Greer/Dailey's team of professionals works with you to prepare, strategize, and respond to the most difficult challenges.



Experience and strategic planning yield effective programs, community support, and successful results.

Whether it’s the construction or expansion of a church, synagogue, hospital, school, or museum, or a new store, manufacturing facility, office building, studio expansion, hotel or apartment complex, any change, in any community, will require a thoughtful plan to achieve project approval.

Communities and the officials elected to represent them are sensitive to potential change, and their concerns require thorough analysis and clear communication before even the most worthwhile project can proceed.

Greer/Dailey has an outstanding track record of helping project development teams work with communities and stakeholders and navigate the complex entitlement processes of local authorities to achieve success.

The firm approaches challenges strategically: developing a communications program that includes community outreach, coalition building, government relations and media liaison, all built on an understanding of the planning process and aimed at achieving approval for corporate and institutional developments.