Case Studies

Our work on complex projects results in success.

Whether a project is large and complicated, small but contentious, or just controversial, Greer/Dailey has a proven track record in delivering results for clients. We know how to develop successful strategies, craft effective messages, target and organize the right support, and mobilize that support at critical decision points.

Creating Community Outreach & Government Liaison Programs That Work

Greer/Dailey created and implemented community outreach and government liaison programs for one of the largest transit-oriented developments in Los Angeles County that will create new high-tech studio and office space, an enhanced theme park, new hotels, and thousands of much-needed jobs for the region. Greer/Dailey’s outreach and work as a project liaison was instrumental in generating support from key decision-makers and more than 7,500 registered project supporters from surrounding communities, including community and union leaders, and business and residential stakeholders. Throughout the review process, which included multiple public hearings, hundreds of supporters submitted endorsement letters and attended and testified at hearings. The project received unanimous approval from the Los Angeles City Council and the County Board of Supervisors.

Securing Neighborhood, Community, and Stakeholder Support

Greer/Dailey worked with the project team to secure the support of the local City Councilmember, historic preservation organizations, neighborhood groups, and labor organizations for a 1.5 million square-foot mixed-use development, including high-end condominiums, retail, restaurants, and a complete hotel renovation, along with prime open space for the community. Greer/Dailey provided strategic counsel and called on strong community relationships to deliver endorsements from a wide cross-section of interests.

Providing Outreach on Major Mixed-Use Development Projects

Greer/Dailey provided counsel and community outreach for a 2.5 million square-foot mixed-use development project adjacent to a major Southern California transportation center. Overcoming decades of neighborhood skepticism and negativity, the comprehensive outreach plan won over knee-jerk opposition and generated substantial support for the project.

Obtaining Permitting Approval for Infrastructure Clients

Greer/Dailey worked to secure permits and approval for several pipeline projects through multiple jurisdictions, helping the client avoid the controversy usually associated with energy infrastructure projects. Highlighting project benefits and key safety measures, Greer/Dailey effectively delivered the right messages to area stakeholders and decision-makers, thereby facilitating approvals.